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The Best that Describes Society’s View On Women And Education in the Early 1800s

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In the early 1800s, Sir William Bentham, considered the father of modern political theory and philosophy argued that the gender role is determined through the institution of marriage. He further argues that the institution of marriage is the only rational basis for the conduct of gender roles. Because of these views and the objections of other moralists and enlightenment thinkers, the question of what defines the nature of gender got unanswered.

However, as time went by the question of gender became more pressing especially in the wake of widespread poverty and industrialization. Since social scientists were then able to observe human societies in the early modern era, it was clear to them that the definition of gender is determined by the societal view on women and education.

Throughout the years, various movements have been made to define the nature of gender. For example, feminist theories argue that society creates gender roles that are intended to benefit women. According to these theories, a society that sees women as equal and successful has a different conception of gender roles than does one that sees women as inferior and deprived. The goal of each movement to define what gender it was to bring about a change in society to benefit women.

By the twentieth century, all over the world, the question of what society’s view on women and education was still an ongoing topic of discussion. Many people, in particular in the developing world, viewed education as something that women should be able to achieve easily without much effort. This perception was later modified to a more realistic view wherein education was seen as something that everyone should be capable of regardless of their gender. As this view gained popularity, the percentage of women in the labor force also increased. Today, more than half the population between the ages of fifteen and sixty is made up of women.

When it comes to answering the question, “what does society think about women and education?” many people have a very simple answer. They say that society’s view is that all women are equal and are capable of achieving higher educational levels. However, the reality is more complex. Just because a society believes that all people are equal doesn’t mean that each person is capable of reaching the same levels of success and advancement. There are always individuals who possess unique qualities that set them apart from everyone else.

It’s important to remember that in our modern day society, education is seen as something that should be shared by both men and women. This is why there are scholarships available for women who want to pursue an education. Although there are some differences in the opportunities that women and men have, there is a vast difference in the actual quality of education that each group will receive. There are also countless programs and initiatives that are designed to level the playing field so that everyone has access to educational opportunities.

One example of the difference in opportunity that women have is that they are often times more educated than men. Men often times only see education as a benefit when it comes to their children or a career. Women view education as something that should be enjoyed by both genders.

Another difference between men and women is that society views women as the bread winners of the home. Because of this societal belief, it makes it more challenging for women to achieve financial independence. It is important to remember that although men are the bread winners in the home, women also have careers and they are able to achieve a high level of success financially and professionally. This is not to say that women are better at managing money or are better at being successful in business. However, women are often times passed over because they have more responsibilities at home than men.

There are many different examples of which statements best describe society’s view on women and education. No matter what your personal view on this topic is, it is important that you understand and consider the differences between the two sexes. Education is a factor that is often times overlooked in society. Educating yourself about the differences between men and women can help you understand which statement best describes society’s view on women and education.

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