Sunday, May 16th, 2021

Which Of The Following Is Not A Characteristic Of Security Education?

Have you ever wonder about which of the following is not a characteristic of security education? Let’s figure it out on this article!


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“Avoidance of fear” is the first and foremost characteristic of security education. This is a process whereby students are conditioned to react to a certain type of stimuli in a certain manner so as to avoid any type of danger or threat. The very nature of the training is such that it is directly related to the way in which one can act when there is an emergency. Fear is a very powerful emotion and it is very easy for a person to be overcome by it.

“Avoidance of fear is not a characteristic of security education.” This is another mistaken view. In fact, this is an ideal process that should be implemented as early as possible. There have been several researches that have revealed that people are able to memorize a large number of things but this is not the case when they are faced with a security situation. The memorization is only a means to function properly but the moment the situation takes a violent turn, the person has no means of keeping himself alive.

“Avoidance of fear is not a characteristic of security education.” This is a clear example of the myth or idea that security personnel are to be feared. Although it is true that they do have to be brave and tactful to survive their line of work, the very essence of their work is to intimidate the persons they are meant to protect. Security personnel are meant to act as a deterrent. They should never be aggressive or negligent towards their targets. A good security officer is always ready to tackle any situation that could arise and remain focused on the job at hand.

“Avoidance of fear is not a characteristic of security education.” This is also another myth perpetuated by people who do not need to be security officers. Any person who can manage his or her own behavior is a potential security guard. These days, it is not uncommon for an individual to suffer from anti-social behaviors because of the lack of guidance in his or her upbringing. A person who can take responsibility for his or her actions will be a better candidate for this particular career.

“A person who can handle fear well is more likely to become a successful security officer than someone who is afraid of fear.” There are many persons who are born with the characteristics of bravery but have a hard time coping with fear. Security guards do not have to deal with fear themselves because they are serving a noble cause. It is therefore important for a person to develop effective ways of coping with the anxiety brought about by their line of work.

“A person who can effectively make use of his physical strength is a better fit for being a security guard than someone who is not athletic.” Physical fitness is an important quality that improves a security guard’s performance. This is also true for persons who are considering a career as a security guard. The need for stamina is something that is vital for security guards and for persons considering a career in this field.

“A person who has an interest in mathematics will do well as a security officer.” This area of study focuses on mathematics and developing methods to solve problems. Although not required, a person who is interested in mathematics and has a good understanding of algebra will be a good security officer because of the mathematical problem-solving skills he or she will need. In the long run, this type of education is necessary for a security guard to have a successful career.

“A person who can effectively think on his feet and learn quickly is a better fit for a security guard than someone who is more apt to give up on problems and become lax in the face of danger.” Again, this is a study that emphasizes mental abilities and learning skills. While not every security guard will be an athlete, many security guards benefit from regular exercise. This is especially important for persons who are considering a career as a security officer because security officers must be able to react quickly and safely if they encounter a dangerous situation.

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