Sunday, May 16th, 2021

Educational Opportunities Fostered by Economic Goals

A well thought out and organized social program that accomplishes a set of economic goals focuses on achieving equality of opportunity for education. Education is critical to everyone’s future, not just those who are fortunate to have the education we all work for. There is no true level playing field when it comes to education and economic equality. A question is raised followed this topic: which of the following economic goals focuses on equal opportunities for education?


=> according to washington, what problem does education resolve?

=> which of the following is not a latent function of education?

Most education programs do not provide equal access to education to some and more so to the poor. Educational deficits in America are yawning wide. There is a big difference in educational achievement between rich and poor. Those who are rich have access to teachers with higher skills and knowledge, more resources for their children to succeed and the option to give them excellent schools. Whereas poor, minority children are lagging behind in most areas of academic achievement.

In order to create an equitable education system we must have equal access to education for all. Educators must be given equal opportunities for teaching, resources to instruct and an opportunity to develop the skills of their students. Equity is at the root of every opportunity and problem in our society. Everyone has a right to an education.

The United States Government recognizes the importance of education to enrich a nation and promote a sense of professionalism. It has allocated funds for school systems to provide equal opportunities for education. Programs such as the Pell Grant and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) expand the opportunity for all to pursue higher education. FEOG provides financial aid to undergraduate students, graduate and post-graduate students and people who serve in need of additional training in various fields including the sciences, engineering and computer science. Pell Grants are based on need and covers a range of costs, whileFSEOG is a more specific grant program which provides more financial aid to more specific groups of people in more specific fields.

For those who need extra financial assistance, FSEOG is a good start, but even if you do not qualify for the Pell Grant or other educational opportunities, it is important to get your education. With a poor economy and jobs becoming scarcer, education is the key to a better life. It is imperative that everyone has access to quality education in order to advance his or her career and be able to find a better paying job.

To ensure that everyone has access to a high quality education, several organizations have been developed over time to support the cause of promoting equity in the education system. These groups work to increase access to education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. They also advocate for the inclusion of students in programs that promote economic development and basic justice.

One organization, the Center for Education Equity, works to promote a more equitable education system. By developing and implementing policies to ensure that education is made available for students from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds, they work towards providing an equal education to all. By implementing policies that provide fair and equitable distribution of resources to schools in various states, they work towards making education available to all. They also lobby state and federal legislators to enact policies that promote economic and social opportunity. The center has several projects that seek to gain access to the full potential of all students.

For people who are not from disadvantaged backgrounds, there are also programs that aim to make education available to those from all backgrounds. The Economic and Social Opportunity Act (ESOA) of the recently passed America Jobs Act encourages employers to include education in their benefits packages. This includes offering qualified children of unemployed workers with a chance to participate in educational programs. Apart from the federal government, local municipalities also implement such programs to give education to its full potential. As a matter of fact, some cities, like Flint, Michigan, have long fought for the provision of equal opportunities to children from low and disadvantaged backgrounds.

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