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Why President Kennedy Deserved His Education?

John F. Kennedy is one of the most famous presidents of the United States. With his talents, president Kennedy soon realized the importance of education. At the below article, we will find out which of the following best describes why president Kennedy believed education was important?


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why president kennedy believed education was important

“I did not come into this job to simply help the administration run a better government, but to make a difference in the lives of Americans,” President Kennedy said in his famous radio address. He went on to say, “Unless the government is first managed by the people, it cannot perform its proper function of protecting the freedom and welfare of the American people.” This is the famous line that many people remember from their childhoods. While some may question the wisdom behind this belief, President Kennedy made a valid point when he said that without education, no person can achieve freedom.

Unfortunately, education has become almost totally divorced from politics. What was once a meaningful investment in individual freedom and opportunity has become an expensive high on the agenda of career politicians and bureaucrats. The result is a populace that feels it has no freedom or opportunities to pursue happiness. This attitude toward education has grown significantly over the last few decades.

In today’s America, most people believe education is unnecessary. They feel that public education serves no useful purpose. They feel that it costs too much money and it does not provide a well-rounded experience for students. Most people do not see education as a necessary source of wealth creation.

Even worse, some people argue that the costs associated with education are the result of greedy teachers and universities. They point to skyrocketing faculty salaries and say that people do not have money to pay for education any more. They go so far as to say that people should just give up their jobs because there is no money to go to school. These are simply outrageous statements.

So why did President Kennedy believe that education was so important? He made the case that it is crucial to have a quality education system that will teach young Americans how to become responsible, self-supporting citizens. A good education will instill in students the values of compassion, hope, and respect. It will also equip them with the knowledge of how to work together as a community. These lessons will remain with each individual as they go through life.

Did Kennedy see education as a social problem? Not at all. He saw it as a matter of course. As he said, “The greatest generation in the history of the world has never had the opportunity to go to college or learn a trade. That’s why I feel education is the most important thing in this country.”

Many people today still do not see education as the fundamental right it is. In other words, some feel that being educated is only a privilege for the well-to-do. And whereas, other people feel that poor and minority children do not get the same education as more privileged children. Neither viewpoint is right or wrong, it simply is what each feels is necessary for a functional society.

To paraphrase a famous line, “That is why I think education is important.” To be worthy of a free and prosperous society, people need to understand why being educated is so important. So the next time you ask yourself, why was President Kennedy so important, the answer should be clear.

He believed that education was the key to a successful and prosperous nation. How did he accomplish this? First, he made sure that every student in the country had an education. Unlike today, school was not just for students who went to fancy private schools. If a student was illiterate, they were sent to a public school until they could learn.

The result was a very strong educational system. Then he made sure that teachers respected their students. The result was not just a well-educated population, but one that was free thinking and open to change. Freedom to question, freedom to pursue knowledge beyond the classroom, and the ability to pursue their passions. These traits are what we call the American spirit.

A strong education keeps America safe. And now, 50 years later, as the Internet has become almost a second front of our government, we’ve got to wonder why it is that we have such low numbers of young people without education. Is it because they don’t know how to use the computer, or they get distracted by Facebook, or their grades are slipping? The answer is probably both.

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