Sunday, May 16th, 2021

Questions That Were Hired to Develop the Initial Health Information Security Exam?

The recent news stories have focused on “who was hired to develop the initial health education online test.” This raises several questions. Why was someone hired in a big way to develop the curriculum for the health care reform bill? Why is it that health information is only available to those who are working in the industry, and not to everyone who wants it? And, which of the following groups was hired to develop the initial health education certification exam?


=> what dietary education should the nurse provide to a client diagnosed with a hiatal hernia?

=> which of the following is not an emphasis of the 1990 national environmental education act?

When the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was passed in 1996 health information was protected. It made private health information safe to be released. However, this does not mean that health information is no longer shared. Many companies are involved in collecting health data, but there is no way of knowing whether these companies have been lawfully allowed to collect such information without a court order. This means that the privacy of the American public has been violated.

As if this was not enough, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act also say that all companies involved in health care must abide by the guidelines put forth by the National Institute for Health Care Services (Ninth) and the Office of the Actuary General. These guidelines are meant to protect the privacy of the public. They were developed in an effort to regulate the collection of public health information. Apparently, none of the guidelines were followed. Some websites continue to ask for the same test that was used ten years ago, and there are even rumors that certain sites have started selling health care insurance quotes to people who apply on line.

There is no need for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to be re-introduced into the legislative process. The problem lies instead with those companies that developed the original health information software that was used by nurses everywhere. Those companies will not make changes. Why? They believe that their business model is sound and they do not need to change to meet the regulatory demands of the HIA.

What we need to understand is that the original health information system was flawed from the beginning. NPI was not necessary from the beginning because all health information is private. Private health information can be protected with a warrant or with a physical trap. However, companies that sell health insurance have to abide by the guidelines put forth by the National Institute for Health Care Services (NCHC). Failure to do so may result in stiff fines and even some medical malpractice lawsuits.

What was hired to develop the initial health care reform exam was not a health care reform plan, it was health information technology. Nowhere to be found, does it say that health information technology must be included in the revised regulations for medical malpractice. This means that those who sell health insurance still need a health care plan. The only thing that has been changed is the name. For all of the people out there who are still confused as to which Health Insurance provider they should choose, remember this: all health care plans are created equally.

Which was hired to develop the initial health care reform exam? NCHC. That’s what the health care industry calls “chicken dinner”.

If there are questions about the name, remember that NCHC is the National Certificate for Health Information Technology Training Council. Health information technology is not something that can be accomplished overnight. However, the health information technology industry is evolving every day and as such, there is new terminology being developed and old terminology getting outdated.

So which was hired to develop the initial health information technology certification exam? NCHC. That’s what the health industry calls “chicken dinner”. Keep in mind that while there is a lot of overlap between NCHC and HET, there is also a lot of difference.

The HET portion of health information technology focuses on the actual use of technology. NCHC focuses on the business side of things, laying the groundwork for future business development opportunities. It is very important for an HET Certified Professional to understand that there is a difference between technical competence and business competency. Both are vital components of becoming an effective and efficient health information technician, but it takes more than knowledge or skill to become one.

You may be asking yourself, so why does this matter? It matters because many people assume that the person who wrote or managed the HET certification exam probably knows everything that should be known about health care information technology. That’s not necessarily true. While you might think that the person who authored the exam understands all of the complex inner workings of health care information technology, there is always a possibility that they do not. It is up to you as the student to make sure that the person whom you hire to develop your health IT security certification knows more than just technical expertise – you want a person who can manage and maintain the business end of health care information technology as well.

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