Sunday, May 16th, 2021

What Education Does For The Soul – What Experience Does For The Body?

Experience does for the soul what education does for the mind. How do you understand this sentence?  

The famous French author, Victor Hugo, said, ‘Knowledge is but experience done properly.’ Experience is the one thing, which separates the men from the boys and the scholars from the ignoramuses. Knowledge is that a facility which, by training the mind to use its different capacities, gives the man who possesses it a command of the affairs of the world and a mastery over his fellow men.


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There are, of course, many other means, by which we can acquire knowledge. The most important thing, however, is to know that there is such a thing as knowledge. When a boy or girl is brought up to believe that knowledge is evil or wicked, sooner or later he will turn out as a fraud or an idiot. He will, through his actions, display the results of his intellectual shortcomings. In other words, education will either make him intelligent or it will make him foolish.

Knowledge, in the beginning, was good. It was the fruit of the inward search for God, through the life of the soul. Man began to learn when his body was in its pre-eminent state of development. In this state of physical perfection, the soul could already recognize its connection with God. This first real knowledge of the existence of a higher power than self induced the intellectualists to search for a higher level of understanding, so as to make possible the experience of a fully human existence.

Therein started the quest for knowledge, and there were two consequences: one, the intellectual procession involved in acquiring knowledge was subject to the slow deterioration of the soul, and, secondly, the man began to become material. Human nature, always craving for reward, became blindly attached to intellectual possessions. These possession sometimes became the cause of evil, because the soul did not know that it was not God who had made them but rather the intellectuals who had possessions. Man began to be torn between his animal instincts and his intellectual consciousness.

The need for a higher level of comprehension therefore prompted the intellectualists to search for a teacher. Knowledge is the only vehicle whereby man can gain a clear vision of his relation to God. So, the first step in education was to make man understand God. This was necessary if man was not to degenerate into an animal, like the beasts he had once been.

Man began to realize his identity with God when he received the revelation of the divine existence. The need for knowledge then ceased. But man was never quite satisfied with this satisfactory state of being. He always wanted to gain more knowledge and this led him back to his animal instincts, and to the idea of progress. The history of the struggle between science and religion shows us that this problem will be re-surfaced in all future periods.

Man now knows his real self; he is aware of his place in the scheme of things. Man’s real nature is spiritual in nature and this consciousness finds its expression in his mind and through his body. Knowledge, however, though it comes in physical forms, is not something that the soul can directly experience. It is the knowledge of God which man receives through the inner eye of his mind through the medium of meditation.

Knowledge may be seen as something physical, but it is not. Knowledge is experience. The eternal and unlimited realm of God is the source from which knowledge arises. When man understands his relation to this source of knowledge through the help of education, he will be able to live in eternal happiness. Happiness is the joy we get from being involved with God.

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