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After Robert Katz’s Book – Do Managers Really Develop Through Leadership Education and Experience?

Robert Katz wrote a book about leadership and management. His book is considered as the principles that managers should read once. After reading this book, you can figure out that “according to Robert Katz, which three skills do managers develop through education and experience?


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In his book “The Five Key Milestones of Success,” after Robert Kagen, Katz identifies six essential skills required for success as a manager or as a team leader. These skills include having a sense of humor, taking charge, creating a positive working environment, delegating responsibilities, and communicating effectively. He claims these skills are universal and each person has a personal set of skills. For example, having a sense of humor is not just an attitude, but a skill that can help you build an organization. On the other hand, taking charge of a situation and delegating responsibility requires a certain level of communication skills. Communication skills are also innate and therefore they cannot be trained.

after robert katz which skills do managers develop through education


According to Katz, the first skill is having a sense of humor. This may sound trivial, but it is quite serious. It is because if you don’t have a sense of humor, you won’t able to joke around with your colleagues, employees, or customers. Humor is a powerful motivational tool, especially for new managers.

The second skill is taking charge. When you take charge, you become the authority, but you don’t just assume this position. You will need to communicate with your team and you will need to keep control over your emotions so that you don’t make mistakes. If you don’t manage your anger well, you might create more problems for your coworkers and your superiors.

The third skill is creating a positive working environment. This is why education is important. After all, a productive team works in an atmosphere where everyone is welcome and respected. The members must know their equal in the group and they have to treat each other with respect.

The fourth skill is delegating responsibilities. This means you are not always the leader. Sometimes you have to delegate to your subordinates. It is an effective strategy because your subordinates know you have their backs. This way, they will be more willing to follow your instructions and they will also respect you for it.

The last and most important leadership skill is accepting responsibility for your actions. You can’t blame someone else for your actions. If you can’t take responsibility for your own actions, how can you expect to delegate the right ones to your team?

Katz also stressed the importance of education. He said that some of the best leaders were not particularly educated but grew out of their situation. They knew what they wanted, how to get it, and they had the courage to act on it. In fact, education is just as important as a leader’s skills in a team.

You can read more of Robert Katz’s books and videos on his website. There you can also get updates on his latest book, “You Win as You Control,” which covers executive leadership. Please consider all this. You’ll be happy you did!

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